As Summer is coming to an end, you may be thinking of dusting off those curling shoes.

It is still very uncertain as to the exact timing of the opening of The Peak for curling.   The NCA has opened for the elite curlers and some restricted club curling may take place in September.   Air conditioning in the Peak is being modified to meet new requirements and a tentative date for ice opening in the main arena has been suggested as mid October but many people view this as optimistic and subject to Government rules and community outbreaks of Covid not increasing.

When it does open for curling, session times are likely to be altered to allow for cleaning of stones etc so there is likely to less ice available to serve all the clubs who use the Peak.  Clubs will soon be asked to submit revised ice requirements, so over the coming weeks we will be looking at what competitions we would like to keep, depending on ice availability and willingness of players

Scottish Curling’s guidelines to resume curling include the following conditions:

  • arriving well in advance already in curling gear apart from shoes
  • no socialising on or off the ice
  • wearing a mask
  • one sweeper only
  • opposing skip unable to sweep a stone through the head
  • all players standing at socially-distanced marked spots on either side of the rink
  • travel to and from separately

Updates will be posted when available.  In the meantime stay safe.




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