Drymen Curling club was founded in 1830

Some very early curling results may be found here dating from 1856

In 1930 the Duke of Montrose celebrated the centenary of the club as reported here in the Glasgow Herald.

Some notes have been found dating from 1923 through to 1962 which have been re-typed into this document.

Another interesting document from many years ago which has funny Dos and Don’ts about Curling.  Click here.

A bit of history from 1978 when there was a debate about building a curling rink in Drymen by Hugh Fraser.  You can see a letter printed in the Glasgow Herald here.  These is also an old article from the Herald on the subject.

2 Responses to History

  1. Alastair Easton says:

    We need the older members and ex members to contribute to the history. Perhaps we contact them to see what they have. Old photos documents and memories would make the history really interesting.

  2. Alastair Easton says:

    Here is some more history it would be good to include in the history section. Does anyone have any artefacts from the centenary? See this Glasgow Herald article below


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